Research Tribal Portraits

Although I agree with the fact that we have to be aware of the traps when photographing people we don’t know; primitive typologies, detachment of subjects, romanticism and infantilism, I think the reader is quite negative about some of the photographers mentioned in the reader. I looked at David Bruces work and was actually really surprised by the strength and character each of his subjects show in his photographs. Even though we don’t see a lot of the natural surroundings of the people, they are depicted with animals that they have just hunted, they look proud and familiar with the photographer.

For me the expressions make a huge difference in the way I judge a photographer’s work. Echeverria’s work does seem to sexualise the girls he photographs and they seem to not feel at ease and look as if they are taken advantage of, completely out of context.

Intentions do make all the difference, even though even when they are good, you never know how viewers will look at the photographs you take.

I also believe that what happens with the photographs is very important. I had a look at Jimmy Nelson’s Before They Pass Away and was very impressed with his photographs, but even more with all the information he adds in his captions and his efforts to support the communities he photographs. He is able to put his subjects in a positive light and actively show and give support to the communities that are struggling. (2017). Ju/’hoansi Bushmen | DAVID BRUCE. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jun. 2017]. (2017). Jimmy & Projects – JIMMY NELSON. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jun. 2017]. (2017). The World’s Best Photos of fvmagazine – Flickr Hive Mind. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Jun. 2017].


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