Assignment 3 Rework – Reflection

Most of my reflections will remain similar to the ones written down in the previous one, but I will add a few extra remarks about the rework here.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills
In the rework I have channelled my ideas around the constructed photographs. I have explored more options to work towards a consistent narrative and feel that I have succeeded in that. I realise that I need to get a shutter release, because to take these images took a lot of running back and forth between the scene and the camera! While writing this down I have at least two more ideas of photographs that would go well in this set. Maybe I’ll add them while working on assignment 6.

Quality of outcome
The quality of the images that I have added to the new pdf are in par with the images that I had taken before. Because I photographed in the dark, some images have some noise and sharpness issues, but I have been able to get rid of most of it in post processing.

Demonstration of creativity
When challenged to take more images in a same style, I noticed that I started looking different at locations and ways to photograph. Even though I felt that I had tapped into new channels of creativity when working on the earlier version, this going deeper into a certain style triggers a more profound necessity to be creative, which was good to experience.

Only after I had made the images and looked at them as a set, I realised that they all portray a certain kind of longing and isolation. With having the same theme throughout the work, there is a deeper thematic and narrative to the set that wasn’t there in the earlier work. I find that this reword is more embedded in the reconstructed photography genre and has a more poetical feel than my earlier work.

I still doubt whether you can define this as documentary photography, but maybe it shows that the margin is very broad and there is room for creativity in documenting a certain emotion or state of being.


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