Assignment 3 – Reflections

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

With this assignment I feel that I have challenged myself with coming up with a wide variety of images, using different cameras and lenses and angles. I have tried to be critical about the quality outcomes of the work, as you can see in the selection process of the images. While I’m working on the assignment, my awareness of myself and how to visualize that was heightened like never before and I hope this is reflected in the work as well.

I struggled quite a bit with the design of the book, having never done that on such a scale before. As you can see in the preparations, I have gone through about 8 different layouts and uses of text. I am sure that when I look at it again in a few weeks I will be wanting to make changes again. It was challenging, but in a good way.

 Quality of outcome

In general I am quite content with the outcome of my work. I think that the images go well together and offer a coherent theme throughout the book. I have applied some of the techniques and ideas that I studied in Part 3 of the course and was especially inspired by learning about how our brain works and the ways in which we perceive ourselves. I wasn’t sure whether or not to add captions to the photographs and was very happy to read Shakespeare’s quote on the eye. It captures everything I wanted to say through the book. I believe this supports the communication of ideas, together with the diversity of the images themselves.

Demonstration of creativity

I believe that the variety of images shows that I have experimented a lot with different ideas, techniques and ways to photograph myself. The selection process of the images show my choices and my personal voice and opinion about what I find what works and doesn’t. I believe I am better at critiquing than creating my work and I want to develop my conceptual thinking and skills to execute the ideas I come up with. I really enjoyed this assignment though and felt a lot of room to explore my creative side and challenge myself to improve my photography skills.


There is always ample room for improvement when it comes identifying and establishing the context in which I work. I don’t want to call myself lazy, but at a certain point I just want to be done with the assignment and continue with the course, which results in not adding enough context and research to the assignment itself. I am aware of that and thinking about other ways in which I can show my learning and development. maybe a physical logbook would be a good idea.

This assignment might have benefitted from showing more work of other artists who stand out when it comes to self portraiture. In my next assignment I want to be more diligent in writing about what I read and research.


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