Elephant Wallah – Comments from other students

It is always very motivating and helpful to get feedback from other students! Since I don’t live in England I have not been able to go to meetings and sometimes studying gets a bit lonely. I realise I need to be more active in social media and respond to other people’s work more often as well! Here are the comments that I received on Facebook and WordPress:

Hi leonie, first of all a general comment that I thought they were a brilliant set of images of something that obviously exists but I had never thought of before.

I love the contrast in the colours and the more subdued background colour palette. Images don’t have to be unfortunate or cruel to have a gentle surreal touch, look at Guy Tilliam who was described as having a more lyrical voice and I think that is where yours fit.

Image 1 of the happy kids works due to the pinks and the surreal element of the soles of the feet and legs waving about.

Image 2 is amusing due to contrast of dog and elephant, good spot and good timing!

Image 3 works for me due to the extreme distance and perspective of the 2 figures which was the second thing I noticed, first of all it made me smile that the figure on the right followed the line of stubby bushes! On enlarging the image….as am on small lap top I then also spotted the contrast of bike and camel?!?!?!

Image 4 has the surreal element of perspective again with big dog small elephant, and the dogs expression is …seriously another photo let me sleeeeeeeeep!

Image 5 I also love, the timing/composition again of man elephant and tree, the elephant and tree with the same colour and texture and the lens flare all just come together really well.

Well done I enjoyed that set 😮) – Jan Fairburn

 I think you have the beginning of a very engaging set of pictures. I don’t know if you are planning to return? For me nos 2 and 4 have a sense of surrealism, arising from the juxtapositions of scale and content (the dog’s expression is great). The others are very appealing pictures but I don’t think of them as surreal as such. – Eileen Rafferty 
I don’t feel equipped to comment on the ‘surreal’ aspect because I do struggle with it (as I know some other students have – thank goodness) but your images ae so interesting in themselves.Image 2 really strikes me with the mirroring of the elephant’s trunk and the dog’s leg. I would like to see it really large. You’ve made clever use of dog in the 4th one so that the relatives sizes of dog and elephant are reversed.
Lively use of colour in the first one as well. – Catherine Banks 
I found this so interesting and engaging, it carried a real sense of place. It reminded me of seeing a circus elephant grazing in a field adjoining the A14 one morning – very surreal. I like the colour palette and the use of scale and depth of field very much. – Kate Aston 
Reading from the comments, it is good to conclude that some have found the photographs to have a surreal effect. I agree with Catherine that it is hard to define it and pinpoint what makes a photograph particularly surreal. The sense of strangeness depends on your own previous experience and knowledge and preconceived ideas of what a photograph should look like and how it should be taken. Again I realise that it simply takes a lot of going out and taking photographs with having this concept in mind. I need to do more research, both through reading and looking at other images as well as trying different compositional techniques.
Again, thanks for all your comments!

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