Personal Work – Kids Fashion Shoot

A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a winter clothing line for a company named Chandamama Kids. It had been quite some time since I did similar work and I was very excited to do it. We started out by looking at examples of kids fashion photography that the client really liked, talked about the kind of atmosphere we wanted to get across and where to photograph. The idea was to get a natural, happy and outdoor feel and bring across the coziness and comfort that nice winter clothes bring.

It was fun to work on a concept from scratch and deliver it in a brochure. Chandamama has used the images at a fashion fair in Paris and the response has been positive up till now. I realize that I enjoy doing these kinds of projects, especially the conceptualizing and working towards a certain style or atmosphere. Working for a client asks pushes me to perfectionism that I sometimes miss when doing my own work. Now that I have done this project, I do realize that I have the capacity to set up a project, conceptualize and deliver results I’m happy with. And it was a good excuse to get myself a better camera and lens 😉


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