Preparations Assignment 2 – Order of Images and Captions

The end result of this assignment should be a blog page on which the images are available in high res. Even though every photograph should stand on its own, with its own narrative, I do want to see which order of images works best for a good flow. These are the images that I have selected:

Now that I look at it in this order, I feel that I want to start and end with a visually strong image and spread the images with people in it. The question is whether the flow should be determined by content or visual elements. Then, I guess for the viewer, both work together, so I’ll try to find a balance in both.

To keep a steady flow, I like to bring contrast between the images. From busy, filled images, to images that have a bit more quiet feel and are a bit more contemplative. After some shuffling around, this is the order of which I feel it works best.

I’m still wondering if the images need captions. I think most of them speak for themselves and I wonder if by adding captions I am dictating the viewers interpretations of the photographs. I will add them and then see what my tutor thinks.


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