Preparations Assignment 2 – Words

All faiths and religions seem to get their inspiration from language, whether written or spoken by godly inspired people. I myself used to have blind faith in whatever I could read in the Bible. Even though some things were a bit difficult to understand, I would always be able to put them in a framework of my faith and find reason, comfort and guidance from the texts. Now that I’m a happy agnostic, I still see my Christian friends struggling with inconsistencies, outdated or un logical parts of the Bible, or struggling with the incompatibility of 21st century issues with this century old book.

I still notice how much power words have. Advertisements, speeches, claims of truth and information all influence the way I think about my reality, my hopes and opinions. As part of this assignment I wanted to photograph shots from the street taken from the car at night. I find that a street looks completely different when there is only unnatural light, there is much more focus on advertisements, colours and interiors and I see details that otherwise are invisible.

Besides that, I love how spontaneous photographs can sometimes turn out to be real gems.

When I saw this sign, I immediately decided to add it to my assignment. It takes a lot of faith and trust to call somebody based on this ad, let alone trust what the person tells you simply by looking at your face. Somehow, most people prefer this over the plain facts about ourselves, draw strength from it and sometimes are even willing to change their complete lives based on this.

Even though I am fascinated by these kind of ads, I prefer to use an other image in my assignment, because I find that the image itself is not visually strong enough to stand on its own. There should be more about the image than just the text.



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