Preparations Assignment 2 – Context

We visited Goa just a week after New Year’s Eve. During Christmas time, Goa is wonderfully decorated and transforms in a Christmas wonderland. When we were there they had just started to take them down. It looked a bit sad and reminded me of how the value of a celebration or aspect of one’s religion only has its value in a certain context, time and place. My own faith faded away when I moved out of my Christian community and stopped going to church. I realized most of it had been based on the social context I had been in, the theology I had chosen to believe and follow and the morals I had felt obliged to follow. I don’t want to say it is all empty and relative, but the decorative parts of religion actually are.

Below you will find a few of the images I took, of which I think these two reflect my feelings best.

Although I think the image with the snowman is quite funny, I will add the fallen star and banner to my assignment, because it reflects the idea of what remains when faith is taken out of context.



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