Preparations Assignment 2 – Ambition

When I passed this scene, I immediately had to think of the biblical story of the the Tower of Babel. The people decided that they would build a tower to reach God, who punished them by giving everybody a different language to speak. Communication failed and the tower was never finished. The juxtaposition of the white temple and God on the porch with the construction in the background shows the the tension between dependence and independence, modernity and traditional beliefs, frugality and prosperity. India has one of the fastest economies in the world, and the contrasts that this brings about are visible on the edges of society, the places where change is taking place, rural areas turning urban, clean air becomes polluted and tradition and faith overshadowed by growth.

I photographed the temple and construction from different angles to see what worked best. I want to focus on the transformation and contrast in such a way that it is striking and as extreme as possible. I believe the one in which the temple is right in the front and construction coming up behind it works best. I like how the compression of the subjects distorts the actual sizes of the temple and construction, changing the scale and visual importance. It adds a symbolic layer of dependence on God or men to the photograph that I want to emphasize.


As you can see, I have considered deleting the electricity line in order to emphasize the composition of the image and I’m still doubting whether to leave it in or out. Here’s the photo in black and white.



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