Assignment 2 – Escape

I took the images under two bridges very close to each other while I sitting in a rickshaw. Areas under bridges often function as a shelter for the periphery. Most people just want to drive by as quickly as possible without looking, it is difficult to be confronted with this kind of desperation and not really knowing what to do about it. Maybe this is one of the reasons why work of street photographers like Boogie and Boris Mikhailov are considered shocking and difficult to look at. Our first response is to stay away and not open up to see their humanity and value, because it leaves one in a quagmire of guilt and incompetence to help.

The other 4 images were all taken under the same bridge. We see the view of the man behind the flower stall and the view of the man sitting on the pavement. The flowers that are sold are used for many purposes, to bring along to the temple, or decorate the house for a wedding, religious ceremony or prayers. Facing each other, we see the contrast of destitute and celebration, decorum and harsh reality. With the man on the motorcycle with his bag in the front, it seems like he is ready to leave it all, poverty and tradition, and enter prosperity and modern life. I have converted my final image in black and white, even though I do find that the pinks and purple of the man’s sweater, bag and flowers really strengthen the composition.




What is the significance of marigold flowers in Indian culture? (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 8 February 2017).
Gallery, S. (2017) Boris Mikhailov – artist’s profile – the Saatchi gallery. Available at: (Accessed: 8 February 2017).

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