Assignment 2 – Initial Steps

Over the course of this part, I have found myself constantly changing ideas of what to photograph and where to focus on. I wonder if in this Assignment I should choose to work with a specific style that was discussed in the course, follow a particular photographer or idea, or find my own style, influenced by many, in the process itself. I decided that a few elements have to stand out:

  1. The photo has to have a narrative on its own, this means that the composition and elements in the single images should tell a story, or convey a strong idea and should be able to stand on their own, even though they all represent the same abstract idea.
  2. The photos have to be in black and white and should have a similar visual language. This means that in my post processing I will try to keep the same tonal contrasts and structure as much as possible.
  3. Even though the theme is abstract, I think it is important that the viewer can read the narrative clearly, without too much explanation in the captions. I will keep the captions short and let the image try to speak for itself.
  4. Even though my photos are quite defined by Indian culture and religion, I aim for the photographs to have a universal message, that doesn’t need too much explanation.
  5. My aim is not so much to show my personal narrative when it comes to faith, nor do they reflect the beliefs of a specific religion, but the images are recognitions of what I believed and experienced when I was a Christian. Some images might reflect my personal opinion, but most are reflections of the tensions between religion and modern life, questions of life and death and sacredness or secularity.

Ever since I started working on part 2, I have had this assignment in mind when taking photographs. Most were not planned, but I knew beforehand what I might come across when visiting temples, cremation sites and actually being on the streets of Delhi. As you will see, I have attempted to stage one photo, but it did not work well in the series, so I am not going to add it. In the next blog I will show my contact sheets and explain my selection process.


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