Street photography

After all the reading and researching, it was good to get out and focus on taking photos myself. I couldn’t open the link to the London Festival of Photography website, but did look into the briefs on Street Photography Now. Below are some of the briefs that attracted me most. I have to say, just reading these and choosing one, effected the way I photographed. Because they are quite abstract, but do trigger a way of looking at things, I found myself much more focused and driven to take photographs from different angles, try out different techniques, and especially take my time to wait for the right opportunity and explore the area I was in. I will definitely try out more of the briefs in the time to come.

I decided to choose a relatively easy one, number 8, photograph from floor level. It had rained the day before and there were still some nice puddles to get reflections from. All these pictures are taken in Old Delhi, which is such a wonderful and exciting place to photograph. Even so, with the briefs in mind, I find that it has improved the way I photograph amidst all the visual candy that is out there. Here is my selection of the images I like most.

There are a few other images that I would like to share with you as well, even though not all of them fit the brief.

I hardly ever convert my images into black and white, mainly because I love colour and think it is a shame to leave it out. However, in this series I see how the subject matter becomes stronger and I am able to focus more on the lines and highlight the points of interest. Especially the images that are quite grainy turn out much better when in black and white. I can also see how the conversion into black and white brings in a surrealist effect, because reality is shown in an unseen way, leaving room for own interpretation and feeling. However, I do find the photographs below beg for their colours to be shown!


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