Assignment 1 – Brief

Here’s a list of my first response and ideas to the brief, referring to the steps that were given in Short’s Creative Photography: Context and Narrative

  1. Context of the final output
    This assignment is done as part of my course and the final output is primarily made for my tutors and assessors in order for them to get an idea of the quality of my work and way of thinking about photography. Besides that, the work is going to be looked at by other students and probably the subjects in the photographs.
  2. Relevant information regarding conceptual approach
    The brief
    – produce 10 images
    Technical requirements
    – Taken with same camera and focal length
    – Demonstration of my engagement with the lives, experiences and history of my local community and people
    – Single theme, topic or activity
  3. Learning Aims
    – Become aware of how my embedding in the situation and position in the spaces that I photograph are reflected in my work.
    – Produce images that have a strong visual language, but where the idea is the strongest element in the photograph.
    – Be able to look at my own community from a photographer’s perspective and learn how to visually translate my perspective into images that show my insider’s view.
    – Work in an organized, well planned manner.
    – Push myself to only be satisfied with the best I can do.
  4. Time Schedule
    – Research and contacting community: 2 – 3 days
    – Experimenting: 1 day
    – Processing, taking the actual photographs: 3 – 5 days
    – Post Processing and writing short commentary: 1 – 2 days
    – Printing: 1 day
    – Final Presentation: 1 day
  5. Ideas verbalized
    – Community: Parents of the international school my children go to in New Delhi. Anders from Sweden, Alan from the United States, Fifi from Congo, Jin from Korea and Carla from Germany. This would focus more on the diversity of the community and expat life itself.
    – Activity: Diwali celebration or Fall Fiesta at school, photograph the parents and children to get in the position of showing how they respond to me being part of the community and my role in it. Besides that, it will show how people interact with each other and how local holidays are celebrated by expats and the upper class (the parties are always quite over the top!) After having the images printed, I could ask the people in the images to write something about themselves and what they feel about being part of this community.
    – Coffee at the Tiger’s Den. Every morning parents and teachers of the International School have coffee in a cafe on the school ground. It’s here where you can hear about 10 different languages within 10 minutes and see people from all nationalities talking to each other. I would like to photograph the interaction between them, but also the interaction with the staff of the cafe.
    – Photographs from my compound. I live on a compound that belongs to The Netherlands Embassy, together with 4 other families. We live in beautiful homes, with lush, big gardens, a swimming pool and a gym. In total there are about 30 people working on the compound to cook for us, clean, maintain the homes and garden and drive us. This is my 7th post as a diplomat’s wife, but I have never lived in such a colonial setting before. It would be interesting to photograph the people who live and work here, and show the ambiguity of our strange life.

In my former posts I already mentioned that I want to research Jim Goldberg and Nan Golding, but I feel that I should find some more photographers who have photographed in their own communities to get some more ideas. I’ve read some other students’ post on a William Eggleston exhibition, called Eggleston’s portraits that have been very inspiring.


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